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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Free Computer To Phone Calls with Google Voice and Gizmo5!

VoIPStunt is a VoIP service which lets you make cheap phone calls to normal PSTN (your regular landline phone) or mobile phones. I’m a huge fan of this service as it allows me to make free phone calls to lot of countries and I just have to charge it for a small amount but I get to make lot of free calls to various countries and make use of each and every penny I invest in this service or rather much more than that.
So, while I shifted to Linux, I noticed that VoIPStunt didn’t have Linux version and that did dishearten me. However, luckily they support SIP protocol (the protocol behind Google Talk) and that allowed me to configure VoIPStunt and use it on my Ubuntu!
Here’s what I did to ensure that I could use the dirt cheap services of VoIP Stunt :
1. Open Ekiga softphone (Applications->Internet->Ekiga Softphone)
2. Follow the wizard of setting up the softphone and put these settings, when required :
Account : VoIPStunt
Registrar :
Username : your voipstunt username
password : your voipstunt password
That’s all is really required and it worked like a charm, like this you can configure any SIP based VoIP services. You just need the Registrar information and in some cases, you may need to change the port too, but you’ll get that information from the service provider.

I am so happy Google Voice is out, and it got released in perfect timing, cell phone rates are high, home phone rates are high and people are getting broke quicker, including myself(already broke) Google voice also has the ability to send/recieve free texts!, and you may be able to get free calls by adding your number to your service if you are allowed to call certain favorite people for free :) Now I'll explain how to make free calls with Gizmo5 and Google Voice to save you some money!

Google voice also had the ability to send/recieve free texts!

Ok First and foremost you need to have a Grandcentral account as of this moment for migrate over to Google Voice.

If your an existing Grandcentral user you will need to login 
here and click upgrade to google voice

Or create an account at if it lets you yet, because Google Voice will be rolled out slowely all over the united states.

Once you got a Google Voice account all set up, grab Gizmo5 from 
Here(There is also other os versions at that link as well!)

Grab the debian .deb

Double click it to install, click Accessories->Internet->Gizmo5

Follow the directions to create a gizmo5 account.

Once created Click Home->Edit Profile

Now Copy your Sip #

1. Sign in to Google Voice.
2. Go to the Settings link at the top right of the page.
3. Click the Add/Edit Number link right above your phones, to the right of the page.
4. Click the Phones tab.
5. Click Add a new number.
6. Select Gizmo in the Phone Type drop-down menu.
7. Enter your SIP number without 1.
8. Enter a name for that phone, if you want.
9. Click Save.

Woohoo ok now we are all done setting it up, now lets get to calling :)

You will need to place all your calls with your Google Voice account, you click Call, Enter the number you want to call, select Gizmo with the dropdown list of phones you want to ring, then select Place Call.

Gizmo will ring and connect you to any United States phone number for Free.

Also if you have a Android Based G1, in a few days Evan will have an app released for the G1 to make calls with Google Voice More Info 

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