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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Configuring the Boot Menu in Ubuntu

Configuring the Boot Menu in Ubuntu

While some users are comfortable editing the /boot/grub/menu.lst configuration file manually to change things like default operating system to boot or timeout time, other users may be more comfortable using a GUI (graphical user interface) to make such changes.
Start-Up Manager allows you to make changes to the boot menu through a GUI, and this guide shows you how to install Start-Up Manager.

First, go to Applications > Add/Remove

Under Show, make sure you've selected All available applications
Under Search, type the word start
In the filtered results, you should see StartUp-Manager. Check (or tick) the box next to it and then click Install all. I have no idea why StartUp-Manager shows up twice. Just ignore the second instance.

Click Apply Changes, and in the dialogue box that appears, click Apply.
When prompted, enter your password, and then wait for the files to download and install.

To start the newly installed Start-Up Manager, go to System > Administration > StartUp-Manager. You'll be prompted for your password (since you are, after all, changing system-wide settings).

If you want to change the default operating system (from Ubuntu to Windows, for example), just click the menu underneath Default operating system. You can explore other options to change, too.

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