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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Ubuntu Master ubuntu 14.04 usb instalation

A quick widdle tutorial about installing Ubuntu 14.04 using a USB stick

Use Apt to get the required Unetbootin package or download the tar-ball from the below link for your platform.
Insert Your USB pen-drive into the Linux machine and Launch Unetbootin.  Check the content above the red line. 

Type should be Usb Device, strictly and if more than one usb device is plugged in you need to know the name of exact Usb device you need to work upon. A wrong selection will lead to wipe your hard disk, so be aware. You can browse to the stored disk image on your hard drive, from the Unetbootin window.

Or alternatively download from the internet, in real time. Although it is a time taking process and may result into error, when larger image is downloaded.

Click OK, and the process of downloading and/or extracting image will start. It will take time depending upon the size of download and/or the file size of ISO image. Once completed, click ‘exit‘.
Plug out the usb storage device safely and plug it into the machine you want to bootRestart it and set that usb storage device to boot first from the BIOS menu which may be F12F8F2 orDel depending upon you machine and build.
You will be greeted with a window as below, from where you can boot into Live Linux Modeand/or Install on Hard Disk from there, directly.

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